32" Tomahawk 10pk w/ Driver Tool

    Tomahawk Tree Stabilization Features

    • 10 Tomahawks per case.
    • 1 Driver Tool per case.
    • Below ground tree stabilizing.
    • No more above ground hazards or obstacles.
    • Easy Maintenance. notched for guying in extreme wind.
    • Holes for fertilizing.
    • Simplifies deep root watering.
    • Promotes trunk growth.
    • No hose, clamps, wire or twine needed.
    • Easy & Quick to install.
    • Reuse once tree takes root. (approx six months) - but no removal necessary.
    • Two Tomahawks per tree unless noted otherwise

    32” Tomahawk

    This size should be specified for the majority of trees with root ball depths up to and including 24 inches. Varieties known to be extremely top heavy such as Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ ‘Bradford’ Callery Pear and most Gleditisia Honeylocust varieties may need to be installed using one size larger. The same rules regarding soil types as stated above with the 24” Tomahawk applies. Once again, using the caliper method all trees from the 1.75” up to and including the non-top heavy 3.5” caliper trees can be installed with this size.

    32" Tomahawk 10pk w/ Driver Tool

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    How to choose the correct sized Tomahawk Determine/Measure the depth of the ball of the plant(s) you are installing. The outside or longer support bar of the Tomahawk should be at least 6 inches longer then the depth of the ball. In sandy soils, the depth should be a minimum of 10 inches; and in really hard, poorly drained soils, a minimum depth of 4 inches will suffice.

    How long should you leave the Tomahawk on the newly installed planting? A minimum of one growing season. In cooler climates where this could be as early as 4 months, in drier arid locations up to one year. As the manufacturer, we recommend that you re-inspect all of your installations. Because of the noted built in features such as the driving tool, the Tomahawk is not damaged or altered during the installation process. The Tomahawk can be removed once the plant is re-rooted and used again. We feel that the product can be used at least twice and often a third time before mother nature takes its toll and starts to affect the structural integrity of the device. If you choose not to go back to remove the Tomahawk, mother nature will begin to breakdown the device; and it should be broken down beyond recognition within 3 years.

    Installation techniques Set the plant at the proper depth as you would when doing any installation. Once you have established the tree to be in the proper location as per the plans or customer preference and the tree is straight, you can secure the ball with the Tomahawk. The longer pole should be placed along the edge of the root ball. The Tomahawk should follow the angle of the soil line in relation to the ball depth. The shorter pole should be placed over the top of the root ball splitting the distance from the edge of the ball to the trunk in half. Firmly press down the device so it is securely in place before placing the driving tool into the two holes in either pole. Level the driving tool and then begin to drive the device into the root ball using a common sledgehammer. Continue to hammer until the device is flush with the top of the root ball or slightly recessed. Repeat this procedure for the other side of the ball. The longer pole has been pre-drilled to allow you to install a slow release fertilizer. Determine at the time of planting if you so desire to utilize this option. The longer pre-drilled holes will also allow you to water the ball at this time. After you have either added fertilizer or water or both, install the provided caps over both of the poles on either side of the device. These caps can be removed and reinstalled each time you so desire to direct nutrients or water to the root zone. We understand that all trees when transplanted may not have a sufficient root system in place to securely support the tree in the provided ball. A built in guying feature has been provided with each Tomahawk. If after examining the plant to be installed and you determine that additional guying is needed, you can secure the tree using the notches at the provided at the end of each unit. A suitable material should be secured to the device prior to it being driven into the ground.