Gator Rock Bond Kit

    Gator Rock Bond Kit

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    • Porous.
    • Keeps stones in place.
    • Reduce maintenance & clean up.
    • Durable in extreme conditions.


    • 1 kit, at a 1/2” surface thickness, will cover approx. 10 sq. ft.

    Application Instructions for Pavers & Natural Stones

    Wear gloves to avoid having binder sticking on your hands. Products should be mixed in a wheelbarrow or on a plywood board.
    1. 1) Prepare a solid base by densely compacting 4” (10 cm) of crushed stones.
    2. 2) Mix one 1/2 quart (473 ml) container of Gator Rock Bond with the dry clean riverstone (40 lb/18.2 kg) provided for for 4 minutes.
    3. 3) Trowel the mixed riverstone on the surface desired, within 20 min. after mixing.
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