Austin White 4" Sawn & Chopped

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Austin White 4" Sawn & Chopped:

Timeless Elegance, Unmatched Quality

Capture the essence of the Texas Hill Country with our Austin White 4" Sawn & Chopped limestone, a perennial favorite among discerning homeowners and professionals for its exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal.

Key Features:

  • Uniform 4" Heights: Each stone is expertly sawn on the top and bottom, providing consistent sizing that facilitates easy installation and delivers a clean, sophisticated look.
  • Chopped Splitface: The natural splitface exposes the stone's intrinsic beauty, giving your project a touch of rustic charm combined with elegance.
  • Optimal Size: Chopped to a comfortable 4-inch width and available in random lengths, this stone adapts seamlessly to a variety of design preferences and architectural styles.
  • Premium White Texas Limestone: Extracted from the revered quarries of the Texas Hill Country, this limestone boasts a pristine white hue that brightens any space.
  • Palletized Product: Carefully packaged and palletized to ensure the integrity and safety of the stone from our quarry to your site.

Unique Selling Points:

Our Austin White 4" Sawn & Chopped stone sets itself apart with its high demand and exclusivity, sourced directly from the historic Texas quarries. Its crisply sawn edges allow for precision stacking, creating beautifully crafted designs with lasting stability.

Ease of handling and storage comes standard, thanks to its thoughtful palletization. This not only protects your stone during transit but also simplifies the offloading and staging process for your installation team.


  • Landscape Edging & Borders: Define gardens and walkways with the timeless appeal of natural stone.
  • Small Garden Walls: Bring structure and depth to your outdoor sanctuary.
  • Masonry Veneer: A veneer of Austin White Limestone can revamp home exteriors to exude curb appeal.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Create a serene and inviting ambiance for patios, fireplaces, and firepits.
  • Architectural Accents: Elevate entrances, columns, and seating walls with the dignified presence of fine Texas Limestone.

Incorporate the heritage and beauty of the Austin White 4" Sawn & Chopped limestone into your next project and experience a blend of functionality, durability, and natural splendor that only the finest Texas stone can provide.

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Multi-Size Ashlar Masonry Installation

Enhance your project's visual appeal by blending Austin White 4" Sawn & Chopped limestone with other sizes of Austin White to craft a unique, multi-piece stone veneer look. This customization allows for a dynamic and textured façade, perfect for adding depth and interest to any masonry application. By incorporating a variety of sizes, your design can achieve a bespoke elegance that is both distinct and timeless, embodying the grandeur of Texas Hill Country stone in a harmoniously artistic way.

Stone Details & Packaging


  • Packaging Type: Palletized Stone
  • Pallet Weights: Approximate 3,000 to 4,000 lbs per pallet
  • Delivery Type: Flatbed Delivery

Stone Details

  • Stone Type:  Sawn & Chopped Stone 

  • Stone Size:  Width +/- 4”, | Thickness +/- 4” | Lengths Random

  • Color:  White, Creams, & Off-Wite Color Ranges

  • Geology:  Texas Limestone


Installed as Stone Edging

Laid end to end - 70-80 linear feet per ton

Masonry Installation

Masonry Installation as 4" bed depth stone veneer - 30-40 square feet per ton

Suggested Uses

Landscape Uses

  • Stone Landscape Edging
  • Small Garden Walls

Masonry Uses

  • Residential Home Stone Veneer
  • Commercial Building Stone Veneer
  • Outdoor Kitchen Stone Veneer
  • Masonry Retaining Wall Stone Veneer
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