Decomposed Granite 1/2"

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Decomposed Granite

First and foremost this stuff is magic! We can’t explain it, but just trust us when we say Decomposed Granite will have you wondering how it works so well in different applications!

This super hero of a landscape material has many aliases, but only answers to its true identity, Decomposed Granite! If you call it ‘crushed granite’, ‘granite dust’, ‘granite fines’, or any other name, we will understand what you’re looking for, but will always land on Decomposed Granite. Our dead favorite is when it’s called ‘deceased granite!’ (See what we did there?)

Decomposed Granite can be used for all sorts of projects, honey-dos, and honey dont’s around the house. You can use it as a pathway material, a base material for flagstone or pavers, a rustic looking patio, a driveway, runway, speedway, or a get outta the way.

Typically this material is a rose to pink colored product that although appears to be mixed with dirt, is actually only granite! Now, don’t start thinking this is what happens if you don’t seal your granite countertops, because it’s not. Decomposed Granite is mostly naturally formed, but sorted and sized with these big, expensive screening machines to make sure the product is extra high quality and ready for what you throw at it.

Now remember when we said it was magic? Well, trust us because it is! When you spread Decomposed Granite and properly compact it, this stuff will harden tighter than a military bunk on inspection day - and we mean it! That’s what makes it great to walk on, drive on, or help support any hardscape install you put on top of it!

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