Mixed Soil

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Mixed Soil

When it comes to dirt, well dirt is dirt, unless your first name is Joe... then it gets complicated. 

When it comes to fluffy, nutrient rich, perfectly blended and beautiful, plant loving greatness of a soil… well that’s Mixed Soil! 

A beautiful blend of your Aunt Bessie’s genuine topsoil blended with nutrient rich manure based compost (yes the smelly stuff) that will make your plants want to grow roots better than a hog in a pumpkin patch! 

Use it to plant, use it for grass, use it to level a leaning yard, or use it as a natural coffee creamer! This stuff will leave you wondering how and why you’ve developed such a great friendship with a landscape material. We won’t judge you though, because we nerd out over this material all the time! 

Buy as little as you want or as much as you need - we sell all quantities with no minimums. We’ve got tons of it in stock, well yards to be exact, but the point is we’ve got it!

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