Our Company

Over 40 years ago our founder, Jim Whisenand had a 'rock solid' dream of supplying the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with the highest quality stone and landscape materials.

Where the Years Have Gone

Over 40 years ago our founder, Jim Whisenand had a 'rock solid' dream of supplying the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with the highest quality stone and landscape materials. His dream began literally in a deep hole, where he quarried West Texas Sandstone supplying homeowners and homebuilders with quality natural stone products. 

After years of quarrying stone, Whisenand decided to close the quarrying operation and concentrate on his 3-acre retail yard on the East side of Fort Worth. Here Jim and a team of extraordinary employees worked to supply homeowners, landscapers, and homebuilders with the same quality stone that they had been quarrying for many years.

After some years at the 3-acre retail location, Whiz-Q began to burst at the seams, demanding a much larger location. In 1994, the Whiz-Q family moved its operation 1 mile south to its present day location. Now with 8-acres to expand, Whiz-Q began to blossom into a full service stone and landscape supplier. In 2005, Whiz-Q began to feel the seams stretching once again with products overflowing its 8-acre facility. This prompted Whiz-Q to acquire the adjacent 14-acres next door for a total of 22-acres.

Our Values

Today, Whiz-Q Stone is one of the largest stone yards in the state of Texas offering homeowners and contractors the highest quality natural stone, hardscape, landscape, waterscape and outdoor living products. Although founder Jim is now retired, the Whisenand family still operates the business with quality in mind and customer service at heart.

For the past 40 years Whiz-Q Stone has had the opportunity to serve its customers with pride by offering the same quality products and the very best customer service the company had been originally founded on. Being a company that is truly family-owned and operated, Whiz-Q Stone has remained the superior natural stone and landscape supplier in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

What's in the Name?

Over the last 41, years we have heard everything from "Whiskey Stone" to "Whiz-O Stone" to just "Whiz Stone." When you have a name such as ours it takes a couple of times to get correct. Our name is Whiz-Q Stone, established in 1983 by our founder Jim Whisenand. Jim began quarrying sandstone in West Texas delivering stone to commercial job sites and homebuilders all around North Texas. With the establishment of the operation, a name was required. Jim had always been loved by others in High School and developed the nickname "Whiz." Whether this was a reflection of how fast he drove his hot rods or not, we are still unsure, but when it came to naming the business he wanted it used.

So with the name "Whiz" he started a quarrying operation where he quarried and sold stone. Generally the easiest name that came to mind was "Whisenand's Quarried Stone." This name was entirely too long and for his whole life, Jim knew that no one could spell his last name. So he took the "Whiz" for "Whisenand" and a "Q" for "Quarried" and left the "Stone" thus the name: "Whiz-Q Stone." The quarrying operation ended years after the first retail location was established in 1986, but the name stayed the same. Nowadays you will find much more than just stone when you look at our product selection and a much larger footprint than the original location, but our heritage has always been focused on supplying quality stone and quality service.

Our Promise

For over 40 years, we have been fully committed to supplying the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with quality natural stone and landscape products as well as exceptional customer service and professional knowledge. Through our many suppliers we have continued to offer a top-notch quality of products from various quarries and manufacturers to help improve many residential and commercial properties.

From Day 1, our founder, Jim Whisenand decided he would be unique in his product lines and service to his customers. This mindset is still in effect today as Whiz-Q now offers solutions for both the landscape and hardscape industries as well as products used for building materials on both residential and commercial scales.

With a diverse product line, the need for knowledgeable professionals was a must! For this reason, we seek out and employ professionals that not only have a history in the industry, but have also worked alongside many contractor professionals in the field utilizing and installing the various products offered by Whiz-Q.

Our Mission

Understanding our customer's needs and wants has also played an important role in our success. We cater to homeowners seeking professional installation services, do-it-yourself weekend warriors, contractors, landscape designers and architects, builders, general contractors, commercial corporations, local city and county organizations, state and federal government entities, and more. By being able to service such a wide variety of customers, we are able to gain knowledge and experience in project management and estimation that we can then use for the benefit of our other customers.

Our history has set our foundation for success. We are a family owned and operated 3-generation business. Our company motto and tagline is "Build the Lifestyle of Your Dreams." A promise that was began over 40 years ago still exists today. We welcome you into our place and are very excited that you chose us to be an integral part of your project.

The Whisenand Family

Jim Whisenand

Founder - Retired

1st Generation

Janice Whisenand


1st Generation

Mike Whisenand

President & Chief Executive Officer

2nd Generation

Derek Whisenand

Chief Operating Officer

3rd Generation

Justin Whisenand

Order & Dispatch Coordinator

3rd Generation

Allison Whisenand

Customer Service

3rd Generation

Luke Whisenand

RockNerd in Training

4th Generation

Grace Whisenand

RockNerd in Training

4th Generation