Colorado Red Strip

    A very versatile chopped stone that can be used as stone landscape edging, or stacked as a stone veneer on buildings, retaining walls or other vertical surfaces. The beautiful rich red and rose colors make this stone stand out above other stone selections.This stone is available in various ledge heights depending on the stone use.

    • Building Stone Coverage: Approximately 30-40 sq ft per ton
      (based on a standard mortar joint)
    • Stone Edging Coverage: Approximately 70-80 linear ft per ton
      Based on 4" wide x 4" tall stone layed end to end.
    • Weight Per Pallet: Each pallet will range in overall weight. Generally, these pallets will weigh 1-1/2 to 2 tons per pallet

    Colorado Red Strip

    Product Code: 25043

    $400.00 / ton

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