Gator Seal Wet Look 5 Gal

    Gator Seal Wet Look 5 Gal

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    • Easier to clean and maintain.
    • Non slip formula

    Helps Resist

    • Corrosion from De-icing salt.
    • Ultraviolet rays effects.
    • Motor oil and grease stains.

    Product Specifications

    Seals Approximately

    Gator Seal Wet Look1 US Gal175 sq ft
    Gator Seal Wet Look5 US Gal875 sq ft

    Application Instructions for Pavers & Natural Stones

    1. ALWAYS TESTthe product on a small hidden area of approximately 4 sq. ft. (0.4 sq. m.) to ensure the results will meet your expectations.
    2. Remove all the stains from the pavers, using Gator Clean products.
    3. Remove all contaminated jointing material and replace with Gator Polymeric Sand. Follow the instructions on the back of the bags for proper sand installation.
    4. Wait at least 72 hours at a minimum temperature of 60F (16C) and no rain for the Gator Polymeric Sand to properly harden.
    5. Clean the entire surface with the Gator Efflorescence Cleaner. This product will remove the efflorescence trapped in the concrete paver or natural stone pores as well as thoroughly clean the surface for proper sealer adhesion.
    6. Wait at least 48 hours at a minimum temperature of 60F (16C) and no rain so the sand & paver surface are dry.
    7. Apply 1 coat of Gator Seal Wet Look using a solvent resistant foam roller.
    8. Let the sealer dry for 24 hours before using the sealed area.


    1. Pavers should only be sealed 60 days after their installation date.
    2. Pavers & jointing sand MUST be 100% dry.
    3. Temperature should be between 60F (16C) and 85F (29C) when sealer is applied.
    4. Paver and stone surface must be cool to the touch when sealer is applied (between 60F (16C) and 85F (29C)).
    5. First clean pavers with Gator Clean products. Remove all oil, grease and rust stains.
    6. Use Gator Efflorescence Cleaner to remove any trapped efflorescence. It also thoroughly cleans the surface to ensure a proper sealer adhesion.
    7. Just use 1 layer of sealer.
    8. When using Gator Seal Wet Look assure yourself at least 48 hours of dry conditions prior to applying the sealer.
    9. Specifically formulated to be used on unsealed surfaces only. Cannot be used as a resealer.
    *Please store container at above 0C / 32F.
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